How To Choose Full Automatic Sheathed Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

Customer: Do you have a Automatic stripping machine for sheathed wire? Stripping outer jacket and inner core at one time.

SANAO: Yes, Let me introduce our H03, It’s Stripping outer jacket and inner core at one time. Please check the SA-H03 Machine link for more information.

SA-H03 Processing wire range: Max. Process 14MM outer diameter and 7 core sheathed wire, Stripping outer jacket and inner core at one time, It’s adopted 32 wheel belt feeding, Servo blades Carrier with English color display, Machie is very easy to operate, Following will also introduce the parameter page setup of the machine.


Machine Advantage

1. High precise. Program upgrade, more refined accessories, higher processing accuracy.

2. High quality. Adopt intelligent digital photo electric technology and imported accessories to improve service life.

3. High intelligence. Menu-type dialogue control system, simple setting of each function, can save 100 kinds of processing data.

4. Powerful. 32 wheel drive, step time motor, servo turret, belt feeding, no indentation and no scratches.

5. Easy to operate. PLC LCD screen operation, full computer control, clear and easy to understand, extensive design and production.

Model SA-H03 SA-H07
Conductor Cross-Section 4-30mm² 10-70mm² ;
Cutting Length 1-99999mm 200-99999mm
Cutting Length Tolerances ≤(0.002*L) mm ≤(0.002*L) mm
Jacket Stripping Length Head 10-120mm; Tail 10-240mm Head 30-200mm; Tail 30-150mm
Inner Core Stripping Length Head 1-120mm; Tail 1-240mm Head 1-30mm; Tail 1-30mm
Conduit Diameter Φ16mm Φ25mm
Production Rate Single wire :2300pcs/h
Sheath wire :800pcs/h (base on wire and cutting length)
single wire : 2800pcs/h
Sheath wire 800pcs/h (base on wire and cutting length)
Display Screen 7 inch touch screen 7 inch touch screen
Drive Method 16 wheels drive 32 wheels drive
Wire Feed Method Belt feeding wire, no indentation on cable Belt feeding wire, no indentation on cable

Machine paramater setting, Full English color display.

For example: 

For example 2


Stip L: Outer strip length is 30MM. When 0 is set, there is no stripping action.

Full Stripping: Pull –off >Strip L is, For example 50>30

Half Stripping: Pull –off <Strip L is Half stripping , For example 15<30 

Outer Blades value: Generally less wire outer diameter ,For example wire diameter is 7mm , The data is setting 6.5MM

Inner: Turn on the inner stripping if you need , Can turn off if you not need . The setting is the same as that of the outer jacket , For example , Inner core stripping is 5mm , Blades value ≤inner core diameter .

After seeing our setting is very simple, do you want one ?  Welcome to inquire.

We also have wire feeding machine +conveyor belt .Following picture is 2M Conveyor Belt + SA-H03 + Wire feeding machine . Please check following machine link to check the machine operate video.

For example 4
For example 3
For example 1

Post time: Jul-18-2022